Enterprise EAP - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Research shows that 70% of all doctor’s office visits are unnecessary.  The IWillTilImWell Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been established to offer Telemedicine, and confidential Telecounseling, to all full time and part time employees, with or without, your company benefits. You decide who is eligible. Services cover a wide range of personal challenges including marital, family, interpersonal, emotional, grief counseling, and drug abuse issues .

  • iWILL ‘til i’MWELL partners with associations that prioritize employee and member wellness.
  • We enable a valuable benefit that attracts and retains members and employees. Offering convenient, high quality and easy to use care directly contributes to employee and member satisfaction while encouraging mental and physical wellness.
  • Groups and Associations , Schools and Universities, Faith Based Groups, Corporate Employees, State and Local Governments.
  • Additional benefits, such as access to Veterinarians, Care Navigators, and the ability to message Health Care Specialists, makes this one of the more comprehensive EAP plans available

The Value of our Employee Assistance Programs:


Round-the-clock access to our National network of Licensed board-certified physicians and Master level therapists.




iWILL til i’mWELL can treat over 85% of common conditions typically seen in ER rooms, eliminating unnecessary costs.




No more missing work or school to go to the doctor. Employees and family members can easily consult with a doctor anytime, day or night.




Employees and members become more aware of current health conditions, empowering them to be more productive with their own health management.


Flexible Simple Integrations

Using our Client Dashboards, you can easily manage member or employee eligibility, and make needed changes: such as additions, terminations, and much more.

Administrative Reporting

Group Administrators can access real-time reporting modules to view utilization data needed to drive and understand the real time ROI of iWILL ‘til i’mWELL.

Claims Data Submission

Every completed consultation is attributed to an ICD claims code. This data can be shared with clients, members, or employees, for proper claims analysis.


Keep your workforce healthy and productive with our On-Demand Services

iWILL ‘til i’MWELL is your trusted partner to provide your employees with access to medical care around the clock, saving you money and keeping your workforce healthy. Employees can connect with a physician via telephone or video for medical consultations whenever and wherever they need care.

Benefits of iWILL ‘til i’MWELL to Employees:
  • Improves access to healthcare for employees in remote locations.
  • Reduces employer costs related to employee doctor's office and ER visits.
  • Instant access to doctors cuts down on missed work time related to minor health issues.
  • Helps prevent minor employee health issues from becoming costly conditions.
  • Safeguards employers against the "Cadillac Tax" related to high health plan premiums

The American Medical Association notes that 70% of doctor's visits can be handled by telephone. iwilltilimwell.com gives yours employees easy, streamlined access to board certified doctors via phone, email or video call 24/7.



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